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One step forward

Two centuries back.

Progress they call it

In the world turned black.


The right wing drifts

Ever further west

Falls into the sea

Drowns all on its left.


Capitalism capitalises

On the backs of the needy

Gobbles them up, swallows them whole

Feeds the fat and greedy.


The poor, once hidden,

Now stark, in plain sight.

We avert our delicate eyes ,

Leave them to their fight.


In ivory towers we

Cast our eyes down,

Forget what’s important

Here in our own town.


That is…


To love and look after each other,

Nurture good health;

Inspire a love of learning,

Not educate to create wealth;


Care for the vulnerable,

The young, old and poor;

But ‘from cradle to the grave’

Appears to be no more.


Preoccupied with economy

Tax and VAT,

It’s time we voted on what matters most:

Our social responsibility.

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