Spring – A poem for World Poetry Day

Today is World Poetry Day. I didn’t realise this until logging on to Twitter AFTER I had been inspired (by a breezy, blue skied Spring walk this morning)to write a poem. So when I saw it was World Poetry Day, I was surprised and am clearly more in tune with the turning of the earth and its ways than I thought!

Anyway, here it is: a painting in words of what occurred to me this morning as I walked. (I’d like to point out I live in the suburbs of a large British city, not the countryside, so imagine what’s out there in the wild!) Enjoy!


December strips bare

All that

January can’t care


February: snow drops


Hyacinth shoots and crocuses

Hint at

Life stirring in bulbs



Daffodil trumpets herald in

March and an

Explosion of colour

Springs to life.

Early bird bluebells burst forth and

Against blue skies

Blossom blooms

Cherry pink and apple white


Scatter in

April showers

Dotting, like a Monet over emerald carpets,

An impression of what

May come.

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