Today is brought to you by the letter…O

Part of the challenge of doing a themed A-Z blog challenge (as oppose to choosing any old random  word to represent each letter and then blogging about it) is actually sometimes coming up with something for that letter which means anything personally to me.

Today’s post for the letter O is going to be a very short one…just a little memory which only sprang to mind the other day because of something my 7 year old said about fluffy chicks. As the memory which sprang to mind was a children’s TV show we used to watch, and began with the letter O, and as I had nothing for the letter O I thought I’d use it for today’s blog post.

So, today, the letter O is for…

Orm and Cheep

Orm and Cheep was one of those children’s shows I didn’t especially like, but nevertheless found myself watching  quite a lot! It aired on CITV between 1983 and 1985 when I was between the ages of 8 and 10, though I’m sure it was repeated for years afterwards.

The show was centred mostly around the character of Cheep, a young bird who falls out of his nest before he learns to fly. So each episode kind of worked around the fact that Cheep couldn’t fly. (Cue the cheesy, twee theme tune.) Now, Cheep was one of the most irritating, sickly sweet characters on British television ever. He really was quite pathetic and couldn’t do anything – on top of not being able to fly and it was this inability to fly which saw him constantly placed in peril at the hands (paws/beaks/teeth??) of Crow, Cat and Rat (the villains of the piece who all looked awfully scruffy and in need of a good wash). Orm (a rather over-sized worm who looked nothing like a worm) was his best friend/side-kick and was far more tolerable than Cheep as at least he had something about him. I think my sister thought Orm was really cute or at least I do have a memory of her liking Orm. I’ve only just realised, aged 40, that Orm is three letters from worm. I always wondered why he was called Orm when all the other animals (apart from Cheep) were just their animal noun name. Cheep was self explanatory, but it’s as though the makers just ran out of imagination when naming the characters!

My favourite character was Snail. He was all slow and bulbous looking and talked slowly. He had bulgy eyes and a big round nose! I liked him, probably for his cuteness!


The whole thing was narrated by Richard Briers and his voice as Cheep was dreadful! Really awfully sickly sweet. Even as a child I didn’t like how weak and pathetically needy Cheep came across, and that was mainly down to his voice I’m sure.

It does make you wonder why we watched it, but perhaps it was because in the ’80s our kids’ TV time was limited to two channels and two hours day. We had to take what we could get!


NB: Amendments to previous blog post information:

My mum’s been in touch and confirmed a couple of things I’d got slightly wrong from yesterday’s N for Neighbours post.

  1. The terraced house I grew up in was not Edwardian – it was Georgian (around 1912-1919). Not Georgian as in 18th Century Georgian – we didn’t live at The Crescent in Bath or something!
  2. The ban of Neighbours I mentioned was actually apparently a week long ban on all TV and my mum didn’t cave in. It lasted all week. She says she remembers finding the begging notes under her pillow and found it funny at the time – but never gave in. Of course my early teen memory had thought it was a ban on Neighbours because that was probably all I cared about! How could she have kept me away from my precious Guy Pearce for a whole week??!

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