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A is for… April and A-Z challenge time

Well, this Friday coming is April the 1st, which can only mean one thing. No, not that I will be taken for a fool by countless children telling me my non existent shoelaces are untied (it’s still Easter holidays! Woo hoo!), but neither will I have the pleasure of playing some dastardly deeds of mischief on my unsuspecting maths sets. Ah…boo sucks!

No, anyway, April 1st marks the start of the A-Z blog challenge, which I actually have no idea if it’s still running or not, but I enjoyed taking part the past two years, so thought I’d give it another go this year. Yes, yes I know my blogs are like buses these days; none for ages then twenty-six come along at once. As I always say though, this is for me and it’s very much an added bonus if others choose to read them. (Thank you if that’s you, by the way!)

So what will I be babbling on about this year? Well, you may recall that last year I wrote an A-Z of my favourite/most influential music artists/bands. Following on from this format, and having enjoyed the nostalgia aspect of those, I thought I’d go on in a similar vein this year, but this time look at an A-Z of TV programmes which had a big influence on me whilst I was growing up. I thought about maybe doing films or, more fittingly for this blog, books, but I plumped for TV programmes in the end and I’ll explain for why.

I was a child of the 1980s. Music will always be the thing which has had the most impact on my young and developing mind, but next to that it was definitely television. TV for those of us who grew up during the late ’70s through the ’80s and into the early ’90s as I did, had our lives very much dominated by TV. Nowadays kids immerse themselves in the imaginary worlds of computer games to escape their reality (and don’t we adults bemoan it?), but in the 1980s it was the TV our parents were bemoaning (even though they enjoyed it as much as we did). TV was the world we escaped from our realities to.  I guess we could all argue with hindsight that TV actually was a way of bringing families together as much as it was about us escaping into another world, as back then there was one television in the house and everyone had to sit down to watch it together. There was no remote control often either to fight over so getting up to change the channel was often not worth the effort (though I do remember some fights doing this!)

I’ve also chosen TV (over films or books) for this very reason. TV was, then at least, more of a shared experience than say the books I read. Books took me into other worlds and fired my imagination, sure they did, but I think books are a far more personal thing. You read them (well I read them) huddled up by myself in a cosy corner somewhere and no one else sees or shares those words at that same time. Films, although they were certainly a shared experience, I’d still say the TV programmes I watched week in, week out for years on end sometimes, were always going to have more of an impact on me than movies.

The TV shows I’ve chosen are largely, though not exclusively, children’s programmes. After all there are many shows I watched growing up which had an impact on me which were not aired between 3:30-5-pm on a weekday. (Yes, kids that was pretty much the only time kids TV shows were on and then only on 2 channels. Oh then and Saturday mornings.) Many of them will be British TV shows though a few from America and Oz will be sneaking in too.

Like last year’s posts, each letter of the alphabet will detail the TV show (or in some cases shows) alongside nostalgic, personal anecdotes linked to those shows. Hopefully there will be something for anyone between the ages of 35-45 here. Some shows that you may even have forgotten ever existed. There will inevitably be a few letters of the alphabet where artistic licence may need to be used, just as there are some letters where I have 2 or 3 programmes which were really important to me in my childhood and I’ll feel the need to write about them all!

So now you know what you’ll be in for, I’ll look forward to meeting you in the comments section from Friday  and throughout April to share your TV nostalgia for the programmes I post about, or even to add in what you’d have had for each letter. See you there!

(And for those of you thinking…”yeah, I wish she’d done books”… well…there’s always next year!


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