My Brain Broke Down

My brain broke down last week

It had had enough.

The trouble was it had had enough

Long before then.

I just didn’t listen.

So when

My brain broke down,

I rested, right?


I kept going

Doing all the things

I thought

I should do

And none of the things I ought

To have done.

So my brain broke down some more

And guess who came to visit?

Guess who came to take advantage of

The exhaustion and stress?

And guess who still didn’t listen?

Guess who’s hid away and let

Him take up residence

When she thought he’d gone away?

And now it isn’t just a rest

I need

To fix my broken brain;

To take away the stress

To take away the strain.


Now, because I didn’t listen,

I didn’t ask for help,

First I need to shoo

An unwelcome visitor out.

And that, only I can do –

No one else.

But that takes time

And strength

And wading through treacle

Is much harder

When my brain is broke.

But there is hope…

Because I know he cannot stay

And once he’s gone

Once I’ve conquered him,

And am sane,

I need to learn

To ask for help

Not after my brain breaks down, but

Before my brain breaks down again.


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3 responses to “My Brain Broke Down

  1. Ah. *sisters* again. xxxx

  2. Wishing you all my best, Joanne. I hope things are better now!!! ♡

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