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30 Days ’til 40: #25

I feel grumpy today. Really grumpy. Not because there’s only 25 days left of life in my thirties. Not because it’s Monday. I just do.

So I’m going to keep today’s top 30 achievements of the year short and sweet and slightly in keeping with today’s low mood. (Because I’m in a can’t be arsed mood, but I told myself I would blog-celebrate this year’s achievements so…)

In at…

#25: Submitted my Novel Three Times

Anyone in writing will tell you that’s a pathetic amount of submissions and yes, I suppose it is. One was to a publisher who actually showed signs of wanting to publish it (you can read more about that saga here).

The other two submissions were my first to agents.

Needless to say they were rejected. However, I did submit and that is quite a hard process in itself, what with writing synopses (one which had to be just three lines long! Tough gig. What’s that about?) and writing a covering letter introducing who you are etc..etc…)

So I class making submissions as an achievement, even if they came to nothing.

Anyway rejections are  fine. After all, I hadn’t gotten myself an editor back then…



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