Ode to Summer (It’s disappeared again)

I just logged onto Facebook and, lo and behold, up popped one of those “You have memories to look back on today” notifications (from the days when I used to actually post stuff on there).

Anyway, co-incidentally I was reading Terry Tyler’s latest blog post on “Roll On October”, highlighting the reasons why she doesn’t get along with summer, (check it out here if you’re a fellow hater of Summer) and which echoes my own sentiments from a ranty blog post I wrote last year entitled “Is Winter coming Yet?”

So I did chuckle when up popped on my Facebook from July 13th 2013 a little ode I wrote. One of my rhymes I started doing around that time, but had forgotten about and isn’t on my rhymes page here.

So for those of you who don’t like the heat…well er…get out of the kitchen? Or enjoy this, my Sonnet to Summer. (Let’s face it today’s rain hasn’t half been welcome. I even went running in it!)

Summer sonnet: Some questions and observations. (Written July 13th 2013, originally posted on Facebook)

Why is it in a heatwave
Faces start smiley and bright?
But after three days of sunshine
Everyone’s ready for a fight?

Why does everyone buy suncream
To slip, slap, slop it on?
But end up looking like lobsters
All cooked and overdone?

Why do some people insist
On parading around in the buff?
Men with their shirts thrown off
Showing their belly fluff?

Women who have forgotten
What body shape they are,
Believing all of a sudden
They have the looks of a film star.

The sight of far too many toes,
The whiff of sweaty feet,
The stench of body odour,
On everyone you meet.

And eating out in the open,
What is that all about?
You know it’s only going to be ruined
When the wasps come swarming out.

And why can flies
Find their way through a tiny crack?
But open a door wide for them
And they can’t find their way out for Jack?

The pressure to go outside
Just because it’s ‘nice’
The pressure to drink a G&T
Complete with ice and a slice.

And if you don’t enjoy
This ridiculous kind of heat,
Why be branded odd, strange or weird
By everyone you meet?

Dedicated to fellow haters of hot weather and semi clad Brits, Terry Tyler and Carol Hedges 🙂 Cheers, ladies!


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3 responses to “Ode to Summer (It’s disappeared again)

  1. Haha. Sorry, but I don’t share your loathing of summer. It makes me feel energised to leap out of bed and do stuff.

    What I don’t like though is the humid sticky days like today where I don’t stop sweating, even after a cold shower. Give me hot and dry or wet and cold and I’m fine though.

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