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Wherever you find Love…

Last year I posted the poem below to the blog with far more of a preamble than I will this year.

I’m posting it again for three reasons:

1) It’s Christmas and as the poem is about that, and I won’t be posting anything else over Christmas, I’d like you to see it as a little Christmas present to you all who still bother to come over and read my stuff. A massive thanks for that. Really.

2) I need to give myself a kick up the backside as I’m not sure I have done what I said I’d do in the poem this year. So maybe another reminder will help me be a better human being this coming one.

3) Folks who read it last year liked it. So, perhaps you will too.

And so I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Thanks for all the support over the past year on this ‘ere blog. It means a lot so many of you read my ramblings. Hopefully I’ll catch you back here in the New Year. Blimey. 2015 already. We’re way in the future! Happy Christmas all. Hope yours is a good one. 🙂

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A Christmas Promise

It’s Christmas again 

For one and all

A time for cheer;

To have a ball.

But above all else

This festive season,

Remember this truth

Love is its reason.

Give gifts with full heart

And never have fear

To show friends and family,

Or those you hold dear,

How much they mean to you

For when all’s said and done

I hope they’ll be there

When the presents are gone.

So Happy Christmas to all

The people I know

I may not often say it,

Or take time to show

How much you all mean

All the year through

Perhaps next year I’ll try harder

In all that I do.

To not take you for granted

For maybe next year

Those with me right now

Won’t be so near.

They may move away

In spirit or mind

In geographical location

Or themselves to find.

So don’t be complacent

Think back to the start

How things are always different

In December’s heart

Can I carry the love

All the year long?

I think I should try

For to not would be wrong.

Merry Christmas to you all

Each and every one

I hope this coming year 

Is both peaceful and fun.

I hope it’s filled with love

Not just in taking, but giving

For love is the one thing

That makes life worth living.


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Recently I was asked to take part in this story hop which is based on the parlour game Exquisite Corpse. The story is made up of 300 words each from 15 different writers who only knew what the story was when it got to their part. It’s then been posted on Nillu’s blog in three parts. This is part two from writer’s 6-10. Part three comes next week and if you follow the links on this post you can find part one. A fun experiment to be part of! 🙂

Nillu Nasser Stelter

Here it is, part two of our short story collaboration, based on the Surrealist parlour game Exquisite Corpse. If you haven’t had a chance to read part one yet, you’ll find it here. Thanks once again to Madame Editors Jess West & Jo Blaikie, who are also part of this week’s writing team. You can find bios and links to individual author websites at the end of the piece. Happy reading and hope you’ll be back for the third and final part next week.

Linda Huber

The police car wound through town, Will trembling in the back and Todd tense beside him. To Will’s surprise they didn’t turn up the High Street towards the police station.

“Hey, where are you going?” The policeman in the passenger seat was astounded. The driver made no answer, but Will knew. They were going home.

Granny was waiting at the door, the papers he had…

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