99-Word Flash Fiction

One of my minor goals lately has been to attempt a piece of 99 word Flash Fiction. I didn’t want to force it and so I didn’t. However, when Story Bandit on Twitter (@storybandit) laid down a writing dare to write a piece of 99 word flash fiction, incorporating the words: bumpy, enthused, long-haul trucker and damning, a story sprang to mind immediately. I had a lot of fun teasing the words to get to 99. Oddly enough, I found it’s  much harder even than  writing the 140 character micro fiction pieces for Friday Phrases on Twitter. Anyhow, I hope I’ve managed to pull something off with this piece.

Thoughts always welcome from anyone who knows more about Flash Fiction than I do in the comments section. Thanks 🙂

Survival of the Fittest

We warn all motorists not to drive there, unless confident of their survival skills.’

Ed laughed at the damning magazine article describing ‘America’s Loneliest Road.’

Undeterred, enthused for the trip east, he took Highway 50 across Nevada.

It lived up to its name; desolate, bar the lone long-haul trucker who passed him near Austin.

Eventually, almost hypnotised by the monotonous procession of telegraph poles rising from expanses of bleached desert, and concerned upon reading ‘no services for 88 miles’, Ed headed for the bumpy, more scenic Pony Express Trail.

There the trucker waited in the sagebrush, ready to feed.


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4 responses to “99-Word Flash Fiction

  1. There is something eerie about stories set in the middle of nowhere…

  2. OOH! That was cool. Just drove 50 and it’s actually not that lonely. The shoe tree was…. odd 😀

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