S is for…Secrets

I realised quite early on in drafting Book 2 of Prophecy Of Innocence (subtitled Two Tribes) that many of my characters have many secrets. Yes, those sweet, innocent elflings living in a simpler place and time actually do have a darker, more sinister side and hide things from each other. Shocking I know.

I will admit, Book 2 is a darker book than Book 1 and I always intended it to be. There is a switch in main antagonists away from the ‘Oomans‘, who fade into role of the secondary antagonist, to being some of the elflings themselves.  Book 1 sets up a lot of what happens in Book 2, but it is only in Book 2 that many of the secrets are revealed.

So as not to give too much away, I am going to summarise some of the secrets which the characters are hiding, but I will try not to attribute them to any particular elfling here as there will be too much given away.

Secret # 1: A whispered conversation between two Lutonian elflings is overheard. But who is speaking and what are they up to?

Secret # 2: Who is the mysterious elfling who broke into a home in Treebay in the dead of the night nearly four-hundred years previously and why?

Secret # 3: Who steals crystonal and for what reason?

Secret # 4: Which elfling has royal heritage but doesn’t even know it?

Secret # 5: What information do the ancient archives of Trelflande hold and why is no-one allowed to see them?

Secret # 6: Why does one Lutonian surname ring a bell to the Treebayan elflings?

In short, one elfling above all others has more dark secrets lurking than any other. It is for this reason I am loving writing Book 2. But I will write more about this in the post for V.

This is the shortest blog post I’ve ever done. (Even shorter than that other short one I did last week!) I’m saving it all up for T on Tuesday which I’m really looking forward to writing.

Tomorrow I’m answering questions for a blog hop so a day off from the A-Z challenge.

Hopefully see you then. 🙂



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2 responses to “S is for…Secrets

  1. Your characters and their secrets make want to read your books asap! 🙂

  2. Thank you Karen 🙂 I should probably stop blogging about it and get on with finishing writing it then! 😀

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