N is for Never-Ending Story

Apologies if you have come to this blog expecting to find some wise words about the 1984 German film, The NeverEnding Story, but this is not regarding that. No, here on the letter N of my A-Z blog challenge (in which I cover many facets of my own fantasy story “Prophecy of Innocence”) I speak of a different never ending story. As it happens one pertaining to the aforementioned WIP.

Those of you familiar to my Twitter account will know I often refer to this novel as a never ending story simply because after over two and a half years working on it, this is exactly how it feels.

I would just like to point out though that it does actually have an ending, (I know I shock myself that I do actually know how this will all end) although I do wonder if I will ever reach the end of Book Three.

Last January I finished the first draft of Book One after fourteen months and I honestly thought I was done, because back then ( pre-Twitter, pre-blogging) I was a naive fool.

Then, this January, after doing so many edits and revisions that I lost count, (a friend did say to me “But you were happy with the last re-write, you need to stop at some point”. Ah yes but then I’d read something else to help me improve and so the journey continued), I thought I was finished with Book One. I was ready to enter the first chapter into a competition and last month sent the first three chapters to a publisher.  Yes I knew it would need a final polish, hopefully with some words of wisdom from an editor when I could afford it, but essentially it was finished and I steamed ahead on Book 2.

Then of course I didn’t even make the short list in the competition, received some feedback from a publisher and read yet more advice in The Children’s Writers’s Yearbook and so here I am 32 months down the line re-writing the opening (for the fourth time) and editing massive chunks to tie in with the new opening.

So, you can see, it does feel very much like a never-ending process rather than an actual never ending story.


*This is possibly my shortest post ever due to complete knackerd-ness from painting, decorating, furniture building, gardening, and looking after a virus ridden 5 year old for nine days solid. This also means no writing on the never ending story has been done in the past few days and therefore, in all likelihood, will now actually become the story with no end, or indeed middle. Or even a start because I’ll will probably be advised to change it again at some point.

*Also apologies for the tone of this blog as it may put potential writers off for life. If you are reading this and thinking just that, I’d say: ignore me as I am incredibly tired from a stupidly busy life!Go write!  And don’t have kids. Or do A-Z blog challenges. Or have a day job. Or answer the door to charity ‘salesmen’ who keep you chatting about the A-Team at 7:30pm.

Go forth and write.

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