L is for…Lutonia

Well, if nothing else this blog challenge is proving I know my alphabet. So hazzaar for that!

Today, we talk a little of Geography, although tomorrow’s post will do too but in more detail so today’s guide to my WIP shall be a short one. (Huge sighs of relief palpably felt through my laptop screen.)

So Lutonia, as you may have guessed, is a place. In the story the main protagonist and his community come from a place called Treebay which is situated in the north of England underneath part of the county of Lancashire. There are many different regions of Trelflande. Treebay is one and Lutonia is another. Edingworth, who I mentioned in the E s for…blog post, is a Lutonian (as elflings from this area are known). They have different accents to Treebayan elflings and they all have varying shades of red hair. They are, on average, shorter than Treebayan elflings and wear more colourful clothes than their northern counterparts.

I don’t know if it’s because we have a certain north/south divide in England which I always find amusing sitting slap bang in the middle as I do, but I wanted to bring an element of that into the story. Only an element though, you understand. the point is never laboured.

The fictional Lutonia is situated in the south-east of England under what would be modern day Luton in the county of Bedfordshire. Cited in the Doomsday book as Loitone, I simply took both versions and altered the name of the real place (as I have done with other places, but more on this tomorrow). As for why Luton? (It’s not exactly London is it?) Well, I wanted some elflings to be from the south east, from an area which was not fully developed but still fairly built up and they needed to be on a eastern trajectory from Bristol. Luton fitted the bill and so it was chosen. I have been to Luton only once. It was for some random non reason and all I did was watch a football match in a pub so as to knowing anything about Luton, I don’t! (Although I have just discovered for the purpose of this post that the composer David Arnold heralds from Luton as does the singer Paul Young.)

So there you go; you learn something new everyday. You’ll thank me should you ever need those facts in a pub quiz! 😉

Tomorrow (or Monday, depending on when I get a moment)  we delve into Map-making for the letter M.




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4 responses to “L is for…Lutonia

  1. David Arnold? James Bond reference for the win!

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