E is for…Edingworth

Today we continue the A-Z walk through my WIP with the letter E. After yesterday’s post about the rejection of my manuscript I did kind of wonder whether to continue with this as I have swung between being determined to take on board and follow the advice offered, and tearing up the entire WIP and throwing it away. However, I finish what I start and so both with the blog challenge and the WIP, I will continue. Even if I don’t touch the WIP again for weeks. Which is a massive possibility.

It would have been easier to do a blog post on the elflings in general for the letter e, but you can find out all about them elsewhere on this site so I’ll focus on one in particular.  Besides which, Edingworth Trailstar is one of my favourite characters so far. He doesn’t enter Book 1 until towards the end but he becomes the main antagonist and he, along with his father who makes more of an impact in book 2, has been more fun to write than perhaps the protagonists.

Edingworth is not named after a motorway service station (see A is for… Annandale) but he is named, in part at least, after my favourite city, Edinburgh. Like the city, Edingworth is a mixture of complexities. He appears to be one thing on the surface but as the story develops so does his character and what you see on the surface is not necessarily what lies beneath. Then when you think you have worked out exactly what motivates him, Book 2 throws that out of the window and another layer to his personality is revealed.

Edingworth is an elfling from a different tribe to the main protagonist. He gets called ‘smarmy’, ‘smooth’ and ‘too good to be true’. He is extremely charming but at the same time there is a sinister element to his character. He wears flamboyant, brightly coloured clothes and holds himself with an air of confidence and superiority which only serves to annoy and well..antagonise the other characters. Edingworth is a vet by trade and has the power to communicate with animals. Not verbally, more like a horse whisperer type ability.  At the same time he is  learning from his father how to become Keeper of the Trelflande Archives, ready to take over the position once his father dies. Both of these points become of more importance in Book 2.

One thing from yesterday’s letter and today’s post which I think will move my WIP forward is to go back to Book 1 and flesh out one particular scene with Edingworth. I feel he is seen from the eyes of the protagonist too much and perhaps there needs to be more  getting to the heart of him without the views of the protagonists taking over.


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