B is for… C is for…

Ah so I arrived at the alphabet blog party a day late therefore as catch up I’m combining B and C together. My alphabet blog challenge (if you missed A is for..)  is to be an alphabetical journey through my debut children’s novel Prophecy of Innocence. Already I’m regretting this as I fear it’s going to make it seem as though I actually am a bit crazy and that the novel itself is just…well…weird. Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound. Here goes with…

B is for… babies.

Babies become an integral part of the plot in Book 2 (which is still in first draft form). Orphaned babies to be precise. Orphaned babies from workhouses of the Industrial Revolution. Orphaned babies from industrial workhouses who are subsequently shrunk down to elfling size. (Elflings? Elflings? See here) I told you this would make me seem crazy. Which takes me swiftly on to the letter C…


C is for… Crystonal. 

Crystonal is an imaginary compound made by the elflings which gives them a longer life span (they live up to one-thousand years) and ensures they do not age physically. It is a compound made by crushing up gemstones mined from deep in the rocks underground into a shimmering fine dust. Crystonal is kept by the parents of an elfling until an elfling’s eighteenth birthday when they are sprinkled with the dust. This means that all elflings above the age of eighteen still look eighteen. The only way other elflings can determine another elfling’s approximate age is through the way they dress. It is later on in Book One when another use for crystonal is found that the elflings realise its positive potential. In Book 2, however, crystonal becomes even more important to the overall plot development and the elflings come to realise not just its true potential but how, if in the wrong hands, it has the power to damage.

And the name crystonal? Well it didn’t have a name for about 2 years. In my WIP it was simply referred to as magic dust. When I decided to name it (because I hadn’t even originally thought to do that bizarrely!) I thought of how gemstones are sometimes called crystals and that was it. Crystonal was born. The start of the word made me think of kryptonite but I didn’t want ‘nite’ on the end because of this association. I think Crystonal as a word just popped up in my head and I do remember Googling it to make sure it didn’t actually exist. And no. It definitely isn’t a UK Motorway service station.  🙂


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