A is for… Annandale

So I’m a day late to this alphabet blog type thingy and actually I don’t even know if it is an alphabet-blog thingy but I have seen a few so… Having done NO research on the matter I’m delving in with an alphabet challenge related to my children’s novel. Ah how dull. Yes but when I get to x I have no idea what I’ll write so that’ll be a challenge. Plus this will be good as these will be short. 🙂

So A is for Annandale.

Annandale is one of the female elfling characters in Prophecy of Innocence. She’s not a major character but she was the first to be sacrificed  in the name of moving some of the other characters into action. I recently read you shouldn’t kill characters off in children’s books. I read this from the great Anthony Horowitz who I admire greatly as a writer as he wrote episodes of my favourite ever TV show in the 80’s, Robin of Sherwood. (He’s also done some Poirot’s as those of you who know me know I love but he’s done loads of other TV stuff and written numerous books.)  But  anyway, I’m not a great one for following rules so er…yes it’s not a massive spoiler to say she dies. (Besides the fact most reading this will never read my WIP so…)

So where did the name Annandale derive? Well , like so many other of my elflings,she  is named after a British motorway service station. (Okay I know it’s weird but why the hell not? I bet no one else has ever done it.) In this case, Annandale Water Services which just s happens is my favourite one.

Situated on the A74(M) in the Dumfries and Galloway region of Scotland, there is nothing that special about the interior of the services but, unlike the majority of UK motorway service stations I’ve visited, there are beautiful views of rolling hills, a duck pond where each year ducklings roam the outdoor eating area and a huge lake at the back to gaze at whilst you eat. And that’s it. But it’s a regular stop on my way up North and I love it.

So before I turn myself into a tour guide for UK motorway service stations, I’ll bid you goodnight and go and think about B & C for tomorrow as I think I’ll have to combine them to catch up. With whatever I’m supposed to be catching up on. 🙂


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6 responses to “A is for… Annandale

  1. What a great idea for the A to Z Challenge! Looking forward to discovering more about your world!

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