The Summer of the Soul in December

Since  the end of last year, I have regularly written poems, or as I so often like to call them “odes”, to mark important dates in the calendar. I’ve posted them on my private Facebook page and have mainly done it to entertain my friends and family or quite often just because I  think up rhymes in my head and end up writing them down. Sometimes the odes/poems are ironic or funny, sometimes poignant, or dark, quite often cheesy but mostly sarcastic and observational.

I started last November 5th by writing one after watching a firework show on Guy Fawkes night. I wrote it in my head in the car home. This then extended to Winter, Christmas, Valentine’s day, Halloween, even an ode to Facebook itself. You get the idea.

Now my poems always have a rhyme structure. Usually this is of 1,1,2,2 rhyming structure or more commonly 1,2,3,2. Sometimes rhyming poetry can be deemed a little naive but I like rhyme so I continue to write it. It may not be seen as a sophisticated style of poetry, but it’s the first type young children come across through nursery rhymes and as that seems to be a dying art, I believe its revival should be nothing to sniff our noses at.

Anyway, this morning whilst I was getting ready for work a new poem popped into my head. This is generally how it happens. I don’t think about it or if I do I might just be thinking about a certain theme. Today I was, not surprisingly as it’s December 16th, thinking about Christmas and how it seems we are all a little more generous of heart and forgiving at this time of year. How, despite the constant cold and hours upon hours of darkness, we do seem to be able to be just that little bit more tolerant and that little bit more caring.

This thought then got me to thinking about a song from The Muppet Christmas Carol (my favourite as it happens.) It’s the one  called “It Feels Like Christmas” sung by The Ghost of Christmas Present. The main chorus line says: “Whenever you find love it feels like Christmas.” In some ways this makes me feel a little sad as Christmas shouldn’t be the only time we feel this swelling of love. Though for some inexplicable reason I know I do. Another line I love is the title for my post today: “It [Christmas] is the summer of the soul in December.” It really is. So why don’t we extend this summer beyond a few weeks in December? Thinking all this meant that in the space of about 10 minutes this morning I had drafted this poem in one go onto the notes section of my phone by around 7:50am I then added an extra 4 lines around lunch time.

So… as it’s Monday Blogs day and as it’s coming up to Christmas I thought I’d share this one on here before I share with my friends and family on Facebook. It is a Christmas wish to them essentially, kind of like an extended Christmas card so if it seems a little personal, well it is.

I hope you enjoy: Here it is:

A Christmas Promise

It’s Christmas again 

For one and all

A time for cheer

To have a ball

But above all else

This festive season,

Remember this truth

Love is its reason.

Give gifts with full heart

And never have fear

To show friends and family

Or those you hold dear

How much they mean to you

For when all’s said and done

We hope they’ll be there

When the presents are gone.

So Happy Christmas to all

The people I know

I may not often say it

Or take time to show

How much you all mean

All the year through

Perhaps next year I’ll try harder

In all that I do.

To not take you for granted

For maybe next year

Those with me right now

Won’t be so near.

They may move away

In spirit or mind

In geographical location

Or themselves to find.

So don’t be complacent

Think back to the start

How things are always different

In December’s heart

Can we carry the love

All the year long?

I think we should try

For to not would be wrong.

Merry Christmas to you all

Each and every one

I hope this coming year 

Is both peaceful and fun.

I hope it’s filled with love

Not just in taking, but giving

For love is the one thing

That makes life worth living.

Thanks for reading. Merry Christmas.


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4 responses to “The Summer of the Soul in December

  1. Nicely done! Here’s to carrying the love all year long. Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014

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