A quick Monday blog.

Yesterday I received some more positive feedback about the changes I made to the opening of my WIP.

From my Dad.

I guess everyone likes to impress their parents and I’m no different, so I was pleased he liked the changes.

He said some really nice stuff about the new opening and told me all that time I had spent working in an umbrella factory came in useful after all. (A whole other story and lifetime a go…)


Strangely, the inclusion of my main protagonist being a design engineer and boss of a factory which makes umbrellas out of toadstools, was a completely subconscious thing. I could pretend my days working there provided my muse but, in reality, I think it was simply there in my subconscious and like so many things in our subconscious they find their outlet in the strangest of places.

The other thing you can rely on parents for is to spot  typos and spelling errors and not be afraid to point them out! ( (I personally blame the U.S dictionary settings on my laptop…)

In all seriousness, I appreciate any feedback, however big or small the issue on my WIP, so don’t be scared to sneak a peek and let me know what you think.

Thanks as always for reading. 🙂

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