I’m so burnt out I can’t even think of a title for this blog post…

I’m sure I’ve said this before but I’m going to take a few weeks off writing.

The last time I said that, the break lasted approximately three days.

But this time I really am. Honestly. “Ooh but you can’t call yourself a writer unless you write!” I can almost hear the purists yell. “You have to write, even if it’s a little each day.” Well here’s news for you. I do write – every day. I write a diary, I write tweets, I write a blog. I write in my head. Constantly.

So when I say I’m taking a break, what I mean of course is from my work in progress.

So why am I taking, what will be, a three week break?

Well there’s a few reasons.

Firstly I want to concentrate on some reading. I (still) have a (ever growing) stack of books in need of my attention with worlds to immerse myself in and so I want some time to focus more on that. The only problem with that is, once I read, I automatically have ideas for writing (vicious cycle). However  I will resist and spend the time fully concentrating on reading. I hope. I think.

Secondly, Christmas is looming. Evenings will need to be spent sneaking presents down from the loft to wrap up – in shifts. Christmas cards will need writing – in shifts and shopping will need to be done – again in shifts. So time to sit down and write will become, I know for sure, increasingly difficult.

On top of  all that my main reason really is that I have just completely changed the opening to Prophecy of Innocence after two years of having basically the same beginning to the book. It is totally different and I have also entered the new start into a writing competition. But changing the opening means a lot of other changes need to take place and so I need some time to reflect on how to do this. I also know the rehash of chapter 5 (mentioned in my previous blog post) needs doing and quite frankly I am probably putting that off a little. (Coward.) Furthermore I don’t feel able to do much more on book 2, simply because book 1 is now in a state of flux.

Finally ‘real’ work is busy with marking end of term assessments and planning the next part of the curriculum. So until I break up for the holidays, I will be a little snowed under. I’m not very good at just snatching snippets of time to write. I need a good chunk of a day or evening to really focus and concentrate on what I am doing.

So, once December 20th hits and I finish work for two weeks, I will be able to dedicate most evenings to writing and go back to my WIP with fresh eyes – again! I have no idea of if or when I will ever finish this trilogy. Perhaps by the time I’m 60 at this rate.

The sneak a peek page on this blog has now changed. If you read my original opening chapter you’ll notice the difference. I hope it’s for the better. A fellow writer I met over Twitter seems to think so and my gut told me so.

And as I keep telling myself lately I should follow my gut more, that’s exactly what I’ve done.

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