On the Road to Book Cover Design.

Photo: This is the design concept for the front cover of Prophecy of Innocence which I have been grappling with and working on for some time now. Thankfully I have two very talented brothers who are going to take the design idea and between them make it a publish worthy cover. Very excited! Let us know what you think. Thanks. :)

I have been working for sometime on the concept for the front cover to Prophecy of Innocence. I am no artist and although I can often see something in my head, transferring it onto paper is not so easy. But  finally I have a concept I am happy with. It has taken many sketches and experiments but, now, here it is.  I am very lucky to have two extremely talented brothers who will be able to take this concept and turn it into a professional book cover design for me. One is an exceptional fine artist who will be able to blend the colour palette and add the finer details. The other, also a fantastic artist – particularly with the more abstract and cartoon style – has the know how and graphic software packages to make my ideas a reality. It is this full creative process around the book which I am finding most exciting and confirms my previous post (Publishing Purgatory) on deciding to self publish is the correct decision for me.

Another step on the journey begins… 

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