Reading Aloud

I have read on many writing blogs it is a good idea to read your work out loud when editing and proofreading. I cannot say I relished the idea and have tried to avoid doing so! However, I have just tried this for the first time as I thought it would be a good idea to read the prologue aloud before publishing it on this site. Although it felt a little weird sitting talking to myself, it really worked to sharpen up the writing, particularly in relation to the placement of punctuation or finding repetitive phrases or words. (I have just removed an entire chunk which has been there for 18 months!)

I now have another 17 chapters to do this with (daunting!) but I finally realise from doing this activity that scrolling up and down the computer screen, or even reading a printout in your head, is no match for this type of proofreading.

Imagining I am reading to  a class of 10 year old children who need their attention holding is definitely the way forward. Luckily I have plenty of experience with this…

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